Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day: Aboard the Cupid Cruise

Lovebirds planning a visit around this Valentine’s Day in New York can make it special for yourself and your partner. 

The Big Apple is one of the world’s most beautiful and happening cities, perfect for a romantic break. Perhaps that’s why it’s on top of every traveler’s bucket list!

There are plenty of activities to do and attractions in New York but which of these to choose for making the special day of Valentines even more special for your beloved? 

Well, if you go by the popular UK publication, Hitched, Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park were deemed the sixth most popular destinations worldwide by a poll conducted on Instagram. 

However, the number one experience for this Valentine’s Day 2024 in New York is opting for the  Statue of Liberty Valentine’s Day Cruise in the New York Harbour. 

If you go by the word of Daviau, the iconic New York Skyline takes the cake for the most romantic setting.  

Undoubtedly, the view of the Brooklyn Bridge against the Manhattan skyline is one of the most romantic scenes to spend some romantic time with your partner. Buy a New York helicopter tour for more adventure!

So, let’s jump in and learn in detail about the Statue of Liberty Cruise on Valentine’s Day and how you can make it special.

Visiting Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day 

Visiting Statue of Liberty on Valentine's Day 
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The Statue of Liberty stands tall, literally and figuratively, among the numerous attractions in New York and the World. A must-visit attraction whenever you are in New York.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day to enjoy the picturesque Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge from the waters makes for a romantic day out with your partner. 

Taking a Statue of Liberty Cruise from NY or NJ to explore the symbols of freedom and liberty is a perfect day out on Valentine’s Day. 

Enjoy a cruise filled with panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline over the water when the tall structures are beaming in the sun.

As you approach Lady Liberty, the entire vista of the Manhattan skyline and various iconic structures, such as the Empire State Building, One World Trade Centre, Chrysler Building, and more. 

You will be delighted on Liberty Island with unobstructed views of Manhattan, Ellis Island, and New York Harbor. 

Book the Pedestal View tickets or the much sought-after Crown  tickets to make it exciting and a surprise for your significant other or partner with a gorgeous view of NEW York from Lady Liberty. 

Beyond Liberty Island, visitors get to stop by Ellis Island, too. It features the National Immigration Museum, Family History Centre, and Wall of Honour

And if you haven’t conjured enough courage yet, you can pop ‘The Question’ on your visit with the backdrop of the Lady Liberty to make it a special and once-in-a-lifetime memory. 

Thus, visiting the Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day will be a highly engaging and memorable day out with many picturesque views for guests to remember with fond memories. 

Valentine’s Day Cruise Statue of Liberty 

Valentine's Day Cruise Statue of Liberty 
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If you truly want to savor the panoramic view of iconic landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, we recommend taking a Statue of Liberty Cruise.

There are plenty of Statue of Liberty Cruises to choose from, such as the Lunch cruise, Sunset cruises to witness the Liberty and NY City awash in golden light, and finally, the Dinner cruise. 

Check out our top three recommendations for the Valentine’s Day Cruise Statue of Liberty to celebrate the day with your special someone and create fond memories. 

Statue of Liberty Valentine’s Day Evening Cruise with Buffet Dinner 

Statue of Liberty Valentine's Day Evening Cruise with Buffet Dinner 
Image: Getyourguide.com

Go on an all-out essential sightseeing Valentine’s Day Cruise to spot the most iconic New York attractions from the Water. 

See popular attractions, such as Brooklyn Bridge, Seaport, The Battery, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan Bridge and Lower Manhattan. 

A 2.5-hour long cruise filled with stunning sights to delight your sight and a delicious buffet to make it memorable.

Beyond this, enjoy a Champagne toast, unlimited soft drinks, a Live DJ to set the mood right and a specially curated Valentine-inspired dessert. 

This Statue of Liberty Valentine’s Day cruise is perfect for people who want to enjoy the views, avoid the city hassles and a perfect evening to create fond memories enjoying the exquisite sights and tastes. 

Price – US $192/Adult ticket 

Romantic Valentine’s Day Champagne Cruise 

Romantic Valentine's Day Champagne Cruise 
Image: Getyourguide.com

Hardly anything can top the combination of exquisite Manhattan skyline views aboard a luxury 1920s-style yacht, sipping bubbly with your partner or close friends. 

The romantic Valentine’s Day Cruise Statue of Liberty with champagne is perfect for celebrating a special day with your special someone. 

Remain warm and cozy in the boat’s beautiful main salon featuring big glass windows to admire the enchanting views of the Manhattan skyline and various famous landmarks. 

Admire the serene beauty of Lady Liberty as you float gently in the New York Harbor, sipping some fine champagne. It is a moment to remember for your life. 

Guests will be delighted to taste 4 sparkling wines paired with light food to savor the moment on this one-and-a-half-hour-long cruise. 

Price – US $155/Adult ticket 

Skyline and Statue of Liberty Night Cruise

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, go on an amazing cruise specially designed for sightseeing at night when the city is illuminated. 

Go all out to spend some quality time with your partner, admiring the views as you cruise alongside both sides of Manhattan. 

To make it memorable, you can go close within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 

Visitors can spot plenty of other famous landmarks as well. The music and the glittering skyline of Manhattan will be as enchanting as a dream. 

To celebrate the moment, guests can buy a variety of drinks from the cash bar on board. There will be indoor and outdoor seating. 

This is the ideal Valentine’s Day cruise Statue of Liberty for guests who want to witness the much-talked-about views of the Manhattan skyline. 

Price – US $48/Adult ticket 

Note: Besides these dedicated Valentine’s Day Cruise Statue of Liberty, visitors can get other New York Cruises that offer sightseeing and curated experiences to make your time special. 
For instance, people who love sunsets can get the New York City Sunset Yacht Cruise
For urban landscapes and a fan of the Manhattan skyline, the Lights Yacht Cruise and New York City Lights Schooner Cruise are recommended. 
For foodies, the NYC Luxury Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Harbor Cruise will be perfect to feast on delicious food and exquisite sights. 

Other Activities to do in New York on Valentine’s Day 

Other Activities to do in New York on Valentine's Day 
Image: Lindseyroman.com

New York is for all seasons and weather. It is no different on Valentine’s Day. 

Beyond the numerous Valentine’s Day Cruises to visit the Statue of Liberty and admire the Manhattan skyline, there are plenty more. 

The city is filled with numerous world-class attractions. From the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to numerous spots that are common features in Hollywood rom-com. 

Lovebirds can head to the Empire State Building for the panoramic vista of New York Skyline to admire the beautiful sunset and create fond memories this Valentine’s Day.  

Empire State Building can get a little crowded but worry not if you still want stunning views of NY Skyline with less crowd, then head to Top of the Rock and Summit One

Bring out your inner child, unfiltered innocence and enthusiasm with a cute date day out at the Central Park Zoo

Get a New York City Pass allowing unrestricted access to numerous attractions of New York. 

After all, what could be more romantic and fun than exploring the bustling streets of New York City with your special someone? Look out for the street performances; they are a treat to watch! 

Make it an even more exciting affair by opting for the New York City Bus tours to explore the city onboard the iconic open-top red bus.

See all of the famous landmarks of New York this Valentine’s Day with your partner; try the New York slice at the dollar slice pizza shops. 

Movie dates are the go-to idea for spending some quality time with your partner; they are always fun and exciting. However, put a new spin on it when in New York. 

Rather than the usual movie dates, a Broadway show with your loved one is a cute date night idea for Valentine’s Day. 

Broadway shows are one of the highlights of New York, and they are popular worldwide for their amazing performances. 

Book a show and be mesmerized by the soulful rendition of one of the classics, such as The Lion King or Aladdin. 

For people who prefer calm and nature, leave the city chaos behind and visit Niagara Falls on Valentine’s Day.  

It offers a perfect mix of a road trip, stunning Niagara views, and a romantic setting for a memorable day with your loved one. 

Finally, a day as special as Valentine’s Day spent without good food is not well spent. Get one of the New York Food Tours to indulge in a New York-specific gastronomic extravaganza. 


Can you visit the Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day? 

Yes, travelers can visit the Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day. 

The Statue of Liberty is open to visitors throughout the year except for a few selected days. Learn about opening hours and the best time to visit for more in-depth information. 

However, to visit the Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day, like any other day of the year, you will require a Statue of Liberty ticket

How to visit the Statue of Liberty on Valentine’s Day? 

Visitors can purchase a Statue of Liberty Ticket to visit it on Valentine’s Day. 

There are three types of Statue of Liberty tickets to choose from: Ground access, Pedestal tickets, and Crown access tickets.

However, getting a Valentine’s Day cruise Statue of Liberty is more recommended as it offers views of the Manhattan sky, amazing food options, and unmatched ambiance for a memorable visit. 

What are the things to do on Valentine’s Day in New York? 

Getting a Statue of Liberty Valentine’s Day Cruise should be on the top of your list, given it offers views of Lady Liberty and the entire Manhattan skyline. 

Along with the cruise, visitors can enjoy live music and gourmet food as well. Apart from this, exploring New York is also a good option. 

Visiting famous sights, such as the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park Zoo, Niagara Falls, Queens Zoo, and more. 

Featured Image: Emmacleary.com

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