Parking near Statue of Liberty

Touring the Statue of Liberty is an experience of a lifetime.

Visitors like to know everything before booking their tickets to Statue of Liberty, and one question that concerns most tourists is, “Is there parking at Statue of Liberty?” 

Unfortunately, there is no Statue of Liberty parking, given Lady Liberty is located on Liberty Island. Thus, you cannot park at Liberty Island.

The only way to Liberty Island is by ferries departing from Battery Park and Liberty State Park. 

Thus, learning about the Statue of Liberty ferry parking is more relevant. So, let’s take a look at the famous Statue of Liberty ferry parking:

Liberty State Park has a parking lot where visitors can park their vehicles. However, parking at Battery Park for Statue of Liberty is not possible since Battery Park doesn’t have a parking lot. 

So, if you are curious about all the options of parking near the Statue of Liberty, fret not; we have a way around this. 

Parking at Battery Park for Statue of Liberty

Given Battery Park doesn’t have parking, you need to arrange your own parking near Battery Park Statue of Liberty. 

There is plenty of paid parking at Battery Park for the Statue of Liberty and we have listed some of the best-paid parking near Statue of Liberty that is closest to Battery Park. 

Located in the southernmost point of Manhattan, Battery Park is easily accessible by subway and buses. 

Here are some of the oft-opted options for Battery Park parking: A 5-minute walk from where you will board your ferry to the Statue of Liberty monument.

Ocean Parking

The Ocean Parking lot is the closest and directly across the street from Battery Park, along the West Side Highway.

This Statue of Liberty parking lot is quite compact because of its location at the bottom of the Moinian residential building. 

However, the parking space is pretty tight due to its location and a residential building above it. Thus, if you have a big vehicle, then you may face problems. 

But this is the best alternative of public parking near Statue of Liberty if you really want to park close to Battery Park. 

Statue of Liberty parking fee: $25 up to 12 hours

Location: 1 West Street; across the street from Battery Park

Distance: 1 minute

Nearby attractions:

Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty, All court house, One World Observatory, FDNY Memorial Wall, Federal Hall, Statue Cruises, The Battery, The High Line, National Museum of the American Indian, Castle Clinton National Monument, Rockefeller Park, 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Purchase the combo tickets of Statue of Liberty and enjoy two popular New York attractions.

Image: Jc1305us from Getty images

State Pearl Garage

If you are looking for parking near Statue of Liberty, near the Battery Park and Financial District, then the State Pearl Garage should be your go-to option. 

It is located on the opposite side of Battery Park, at the base of a tall, black office building behind a Starbucks. 

This Statue of Liberty parking lot follows a first-come, first-serve policy.

Arrive as early as possible to get a spot, as this parking space doesn’t let you reserve in advance. 

Statue of Liberty parking fee: $24 up to 24 hours

Location: 1 Bridge Street

Distance: 1 minute

LAZ Parking Garage

The LAZ Parking Garage’s entire building is a dedicated parking garage near Battery Park, giving you ample space to park. 

If you don’t want any disappointment of not getting parking once you reach the parking spot, LAZ Parking Garage is the safest bet near Battery Park. 

It is located between Battery Park and World Trade Center, perfect for those visiting the 9/11 Memorial and One World Observatory. 

The building is easy to spot. You just need to look for a big red electric sign that says “PARKING.”

Statue of Liberty parking fee: $22 for up to 24 hours

Location: 70 Greenwich Street

Distance: 5 minutes

Battery Place Parking 

Battery Place Parking
Image: Parkwhiz.com

This is one of the lesser-known hidden parking areas tucked away in the Battery Park City residential community. 

With a little off-beat location at the dead-end road and a small entryway, it might not feel like an obvious choice. 

However, the reviews are glorious, to say the least. They also provide electric charging stations for individuals who prioritize environmental responsibility.

Cost – $24 for Up to 2 hours and $40 for up to 10 hours

Location – 50 Battery Place 

Distance – 4 minutes away from Battery Park

Parking at Liberty State Park

People looking for public parking near the Statue of Liberty are in luck if they want to park near Liberty State Park as this is the best option for visitors from New Jersey. 

Liberty State Park has a free parking lot for up to two hours. Thus, you get free parking near the Statue of Liberty.

But if your stay exceeds two hours, you must pay $7 per car for up to 16 hours. 

Compared to the cost of parking in New York City, this may sound like a great deal, and it is indeed.

Depending on traffic, traveling from Manhattan to Liberty State Park might take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. 

The commute is irritating when you’ve spent the day at the statue and are just trying to go back into the city.

Now that parking is sorted, book your Statue of Liberty tickets.

Is Metered parking a decent option?

Given how cost-efficient the metered parking is, it is certainly a worthy option. 

However, this is exactly why finding such metered parking at Battery Park for the Statue of Liberty is difficult. 

You can try your luck for metered parking space on Battery Place right along the Park. 

But you are more likely to be disappointed as they are all taken usually.

A few helpful tips 

There are a few things you can keep in mind to make the entire ordeal of finding decent Statue of Liberty parking without paying much easier! 

  • Always reach earlier than the scheduled time to find the appropriate Statue of Liberty parking spot. Even if you don’t end up saving money, you won’t have to be anxious about not finding a parking spot altogether! 
  • Consider picking up super valuable items. Even though safe parking is assured, you can never be too cautious about your important items! 
  • In the excitement of exploring, don’t forget to keep the parking ticket safe. 
  • You can look for metered parking if you arrive early and afford to snoop around. You can find a few located near Battery Place.

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Is there parking at the Statue of Liberty?

You cannot park at Liberty Island. Many public parking near Statue of Liberty are available near Battery Park and Liberty State Park.

If you are looking for free parking near Statue of Liberty, Liberty State Park is the go-to place. 

The only way to reach either from New York or New Jersey is by opting for the Ferry ride. There is no other way.

Learn about the schedules of the NYC ferry and New Jersey ferry to make your visit smooth. 

Is there free parking at the Statue of Liberty?

There are plenty of parking options available at The Battery and Liberty State park from where the ferries for the Statue of Liberty tour leave. 

However, there is no free parking near The Battery. You can try to find the cheapest parking solution. Read how to reach to make your journey a little smoother. 

You don’t need to pay for parking at Liberty State Park. 

How much does parking cost at Battery Park?

There are many options for parking near Battery Park. The closest one is Ocean Parking, located directly opposite Battery Park. It will cost you US $25 for up to 12 hours. 

Another slightly cheaper option conveniently located near Battery Park and the Financial District is the State Pearl Garage. It costs US $24 for up to 24 hours. 

How much does parking cost at Liberty State Park?

The most convenient location to park if you visit the Statue of Liberty from New Jersey is Liberty State Park, where you can also catch the ferry.

Liberty State Park offers free parking near Statue of Liberty if you park your vehicle for up to two hours.

After two hours, you have to pay US $7 per cap for up to 16 hours.

Can you park at Liberty State Park for free?

Admission to Liberty Park is free. There are several parking spaces available that are free. 

However, the parking is only free for up to 2 hours. After that, you are charged $7 per car for up to 16 hours. 

There are a few parking spaces in the Liberty State Park that are paid to park as well. Thus, people visiting the Statue of Liberty from NJ have free parking options.

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