Ellis Island Wall of Honor

Outside the Great Hall at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, 775,000 names are inscribed on 770 steel panels. 

The Ellis Island Wall of Honor is formed in a semicircle facing New York’s Lower Manhattan skyline and commemorates every immigrant’s journey. 

From the earliest settlers to today’s immigrants, you can find names of everyone hoping for the promise of a better life on Ellis Island names on the wall. 

The memorial is situated on Ellis Island’s grounds, overlooking the lower Manhattan cityscape.

People can view and add names to the Ellis Island Wall of Honor at the American Family Immigration History Center. 

Alternatively, you can view the Ellis Island names on the wall and all information about the names that are entered online. 

Every year, new names get inscribed on the Wall panels. 

However, the spots on the Ellis Island names on the wall are filling up. 

As a matter of fact, only five panels remain empty, with enough space for roughly 3300 names.

Add a Name to the Ellis Island Wall of Honor.

Add a name to the Ellis Island Wall of Honor
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The Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration authority allows individuals to add names to the Wall of Honor in six easy steps

You can choose from the three inscription options to help preserve the story of American Immigration. 

The authority charges for adding the names to the Wall of Honor on Ellis Island. The prices of different packages are listed below.

Types of name entryPrices
Single-name entry$225
Double-name entry$300
Special name entryStarting from $1000

Note: Special name entry involves two lines and particular placement on the Ellis Island American Immigrant Wall of Honor and admission to the exclusive Emma Lazarus Society.

Click here to add a name to the Immigrant Wall of Honor on Ellis Island if you wish to acknowledge your family’s legacy and give a remembrance gift.

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Ellis Island Map
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1. Ellis Island Map

Ellis Island is shaped like a “C.” There are two landmasses of equal size on the northeastern and southwestern sides, separated by what was formerly a ferry pier. 

The Immigration Museum, Wall of Honor, and Fort Gibson are all on the Manhattan side. The former Contagious Disease Wards are on the Liberty Island side.

2. What is the Wall of Honor Ellis Island?

The Wall of Honor is a permanent exhibit at Ellis Island featuring individual and family names. 

The wall celebrates the ethnic diversity of America across generations. The National Immigration Museum is also an unmissable place to stop by.

It is a tribute to the earliest settlers who arrived by ship, plane, foot, and the land’s indigenous people. 

3. How do I find my family on Ellis Island?

People who have opted for the Statue of Liberty tour can stop by the National Immigration Museum on Ellis Island for this purpose. 

You can conduct research to find your family’s name and a little bit of history. You never know what you might stumble upon. 

Research assistants at the Family History Center on the first floor can answer questions and assist you for a nominal fee. 

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