Family History Center Ellis Island

Tickets for the Statue of Liberty include admission to the Family History Center Ellis Island, so you don’t need to pay extra to explore this place.

The Family History Center Ellis Island, as the name suggests, is located on the first floor of the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration and opens daily between 9.45 am and 5.30 pm. 

Visitors find a sizable repository of the immigrant experience in the American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island.

This fantastic resource consists of almost 65 million searchable data. 

Contemporary Americans can look at immigration records, discover ties to their genealogy and background, and add their own experiences to this ever-expanding collection of family histories.

The Family History Museum at Ellis Island and the Foundation’s website offer access to the database.

Research assistants are ready to assist you at the Family History Center for a small cost that you can pay as per your own wish.

These funds support the Ellis Family Center’s operations and the necessary preservation of its data. 

Alternatively, you can search these records online for free of cost. 

What to Expect

These are the fascinating exhibits and immigrants’ repositories you can check out during your Family History Museum visit.

The Voyage: Ship Manifests

The Voyage Ship Manifests
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Manifests are digitized ditto images of the original historical documents.

They often include the passenger’s original name, age at arrival, occupation, previous residence, and information about who they were traveling with.

The People: Passenger Records

You can find the digitized copy of your passenger’s name, date of arrival, and age at the time of arrival.

The Vessel: Ship Information

This lets you purchase the images of some ships and expand the knowledge gained through your family history research. 

Don’t miss the chance to visit the family history museum at Ellis Island! Board a ferry to Statue of Liberty and enjoy this fantastic attraction!


1. Can I search Ellis Island immigration records?

Yes, you can search records; it is one of the fascinating things you can do on your Statue of Liberty tour

The National Immigration Museum on Ellis Island traces the movement of the people of America to tell a story of who they are as Americans. 

You can conduct family history research at the American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island(AFIHC), located on the island’s first floor of the museum. 

2. Is Ellis Island still used as an immigration center?

Ellis Island opened in 1892 as an immigration station which it continued to be for more than 60 when it finally closed in 1954. 

Today, Ellis Island is both a museum and a memorial at the same time, comprising rich documents, exhibits, and artifacts visitors can explore. 

The National Immigration Museum on Ellis island forms an unmissable part of the Statue of Liberty tour where people research their history. 

3. What was Ellis Island’s role in American immigration?

Ellis Island opened in 1892 as an Immigration station. And till 1924, it was America’s largest and most active immigration station. 

Immigration authorities used this place to process immigrants and people used to obtain permission to enter the United States. 

After 1924, it was used primarily as a detention center for migrants. 

4. Is Ellis Island included in the Statue of Liberty tour?

You don’t need to pay extra to visit Ellis Island Park and National Immigration Museum when you buy the Statue of Liberty tickets. 

They are included in your standard Statue of Liberty tickets

The family history center and the Hall of Honor form the major attraction on Ellis Island.

Don’t miss out on the intriguing and interesting trivia you can learn on your Statue of Liberty tour.

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