Statue of Liberty Ferry Schedule

The only way to reach Liberty Island and explore the fascinating Statue of Liberty is by taking a ferry. Thus, it would be best if you had a fair idea of the Statue of Liberty ferry schedule.

There are two ports, one in New York and one in New Jersey, from where you can get the ferries that go to Liberty Island. So you must know the ferry schedule for Statue of Liberty.

Whether you’re coming from New York or New Jersey, you must take a ferry to reach the island. 

You can read how to reach the Statue of Liberty to know about them in more detail.

Statue of Liberty ferry schedule from Battery Park New York, and Liberty State Park New Jersey, are the same.

But in order to plan your visit in an orderly fashion, you must know both the ferry schedule Statue of Liberty so that you don’t have to struggle or wait for the ferries. 

The Statue of Liberty ferry schedules are different depending on the season but there are a few fixed patterns that you can keep in mind to know the rough estimate of the timing. 

Tickets you book online or at the booth include a round-trip ferry. So, you do not need to buy separate Statue of Liberty ferry tickets to board the ferries. 

Make sure to choose your departure dock before confirming your bookings. 

Statue of Liberty ferry schedules for every day are generally posted at the entrance of the respective ports on a daily basis. 

Different seasons affect the departure time of the ferries.

In the summer season, when there are a lot of crowds, the ferries will leave every 20 minutes. 

But as the winter comes and the crowd decreases, you will find a boat after every 30 minutes and eventually 40 minutes as well. 

One thing to note is the Statue of Liberty ferry schedule from liberty park and Battery Park more or less remains the same.

Here is the Statue of Liberty ferry departure schedules from New Jersey and Manhattan both:

SeasonsFirst ferry departureLast ferry departure
Mid-March to Late May8.30 am3.30 pm
Late May to early September8.30 am5 pm
Early September to Mid October8.30 am4 pm
Mid October to Mid-March9 am3.30 pm

Ferry from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty

The Ferry schedule for the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park & New Jersey remains the same during any given season or time of the year. 

The first ferry from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty takes around 25 minutes to reach. 

The same ferry will reach Ellis Island in approximately 15-20 minutes. 

After this, the ferry from Ellis Island takes around 10 minutes to reach. 

The entire loop from Battery Park to Liberty Island, then Ellis Island, and then back to Battery Park takes 50 minutes. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to wait an hour for the next ferry to Liberty Island. There is a ferry every 20 minutes. 

The last ferry from Battery Park takes you to Liberty Island. Although, if you board the last ferry, expect a shorter trip. 

Visitors leaving Liberty State Park can choose between a visit to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. Have a look at the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum to know about the Statue of liberty Ellis Island ferry schedule. 

If you want to hop on the first ferry to Liberty Island? Among the variety of Statue of Liberty ferry tickets, only  VIP First ferry ticket can let you do so.

Last ferry from Liberty Island

Liberty Island begins to close 30 minutes before the last ferry’s departure, leaving ample time to make your way to the dock. 

SeasonLast ferry from Liberty Island
Mid-March to Late May5 pm
Late May to Early September6.45 pm
Early September to Mid-October5.45 pm
Mid-October to Mid-March5 pm

Now that you know the schedule, check out the Ferry from New York and Ferry from New Jersey

Ferry Schedule to Ellis Island

The ferries from the mainland reaching Liberty Island also go to Ellis Island before finally heading back to the mainland. 

Thus, the first ferry departing from the mainland, from the New York side, at 9 am departs from Liberty Island at 9.25 am for Ellis Island. 

It takes the Ferry 20 minutes to reach Ellis Island at 9.40 am. It again departs from Ellis Island at 9.45 am for the mainland. 

Ferries departing from the New Jersey side arrive and depart 5 minutes earlier in the comparison, at 9.40 am. 

There is one ferry departing from Ellis Island every 20-35 minutes. The last ferry departs from the mainland on both sides of Ellis Island. 

Depending on the time of the year, it can be anywhere between 5.15 pm to 7 pm. 

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The Grounds Only
ticket allows you to explore the grounds and take in the beauty of Lady Liberty.

A Guided tour ticket of Statue of Liberty simplifies the experience and is offered in over eight languages.

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How can I visit the Statue of Liberty?

The only way to reach Liberty Island is by ferry. 

If you are in New York, know that ferries leave from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. Learn about the parking location near it.  

From the New Jersey side, ferries leave Liberty State Park, New Jersey, to the Statue of Liberty.

You can get a Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island combo ticket

What is the Statue of Liberty ferry opening hours?

The ferry schedule to the Statue of Liberty can vary depending on the season and specific date.

Generally, the Statue of Liberty ferry departs from Battery Park and Liberty State Park at 8.30 am and 9 am during high and low seasons respectively.

Is the Statue of Liberty ferry free?

The ferry ride to and fro is included if you buy any Statue of Liberty tour tickets

You don’t need to purchase a separate ticket beyond that. You can catch the free Staten Island ferry if you want to see Lady Liberty without paying anything. 

Though, it doesn’t give you access to the grounds of Liberty Island. You need a ticket to access the island. 

Do I need to buy the tickets for the ferry separately?

No, tickets for the Statue of Liberty include a round-trip ferry, so you don’t need to buy them separately. 

There are two main spots, Battery Park and Liberty State Park, from there, you can find a ferry after every 20-25 minutes starting from 8.30 am. 

Read about the detailed Statue of Liberty ferry schedule so that you can plan your visit without worrying about ferry timings. 

How long is the Statue of Liberty ferry?

The ferry ride from Battery Park to Liberty Island takes 15-20 minutes. 

The entire ferry ride from Battery Park to Liberty Island, Ellis Island, and then back to Battery park will be about an hour trip. 

Know about the parking location near Battery Park and Liberty State park to avoid the hassle of finding the right parking spot.

What time is the last ferry to Statue of Liberty?

It’s best to contact the ferry service directly for the most up-to-date information on the last ferry departure time for the Statue of Liberty.

Although, the safest time to board the last ferry from Liberty Island is 5 pm, and the last ferry from Ellis Island is 5.15 pm. 

This is so because visitors on the last ferry to the Statue of Liberty can see just one island. So, these hours will ensure you won’t miss out on any experience.

When is the last ferry from Ellis Island?

The Last Ellis Island ferry departs for Battery park at 7 pm. However, this can change depending on the time of the year. 

It takes the ferry around 10 minutes to reach Battery Park. The last ferry from Ellis Island departing for Liberty State Park is 7 pm. 

However, the ferry takes around 15 minutes to reach New Jersey Liberty State Park. Learn about the Ferry schedule from NY and NJ in detail. 

Where to get the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty from New York? 

The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island, and you can access it only by ferry. 
You can catch a Ferry from Battery Park to the Statue of Liberty. 

The ferries for the Statue of Liberty depart from behind Castle Clinton in Battery Park from New York. 

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