What’s Inside the Statue of Liberty?

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The Statue of Liberty, a worldwide symbol of freedom and democracy, stands tall in New York Harbor.

While most can spot the statue from a distance and recognize its impressive exterior, only some are familiar with its interior.

From its grand pedestal to its majestic crown, each part tells a tale of liberty and the enduring bond between France and the United States

This article will uncover all its elements and mysteries by informing you what lies inside the Statue of Liberty.

Highlights of the Statue of Liberty 

The Lady Liberty consists of three main components: the pedestal, crown, and torch.

To enter the pedestal, you will pass through the Centennial doors toward the pedestal lobby, which was once home to the original torch.

Statue of Liberty Pedestal

Pedestal inside the Statue of Liberty
Image: New-york-city-travel-tips.com

The pedestal forms the statue’s base and was built to lift the Lady Liberty above New York Harbor.

Richard Morris Hunt supervised its construction on Bedloe Island in 1884, while Gustave Eiffel, the famed architect of the Eiffel Tower, provided engineering expertise.

It is around 154 feet (47 meters) tall and has carved bronze doors.

As you enter it, you will find the pedestal museum, which contains items and artifacts related to the statue’s evolution

Climb its 192 staircases or take an elevator while exploring several artifacts across seven floors that showcase the statue’s history and construction.

6 P level, or the top, also features an observation deck that offers spell-binding views of the surrounding landmarks such as Manhattan, Governors Island, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

Note: Pedestal entry is not free; you should purchase a Statue of Liberty entry ticket to access it. The ticket also includes access to Ellis Island on a ferry.

Lady Liberty Crown

Inside the Statue of Liberty torch
Image: pinterest.com

You should climb an additional 162 steps from the pedestal’s top to reach the Statue of Liberty crown.

Although the tickets are limited and usually sell out months in advance, the crown provides a uniquely exhilarating experience.

Its interiors are airy and spacious, with 25 windows and 7 rays.

These rays or spikes represent seven areas or seven of the world’s continents.

Although overcrowding can make it uncomfortable, this vantage point provides magical views of the New York Harbor and Manhattan skyline.

The Famous Torch

The torch is the highest point of Lady Liberty.

This magnificent structure, measuring approximately 29 feet in length and weighing a remarkable 450,000 pounds, is a masterpiece of design.

Another interesting fact is that it is not the original torch but a replacement that was installed in 1986.

The original Statue of Liberty copper torch is covered in gold and is not accessible to the public.

It has been closed for over a century following an explosion in 1916.

However, maintenance workers do climb it using a ladder through the statue’s neck and then up another ladder inside the arm.

There is a small door at the top that opens outside.

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The Spiral Staircase

The Statue of Liberty has 354 steps to the crown and 192 steps to the top of the pedestal.

You will come across the Double Helix Stairway as you approach the crown.

It’s placed in the heart of the support structure and has separate sets of stairs for ascending and descending.

Going up, you’re so close to the structure that you can see the delicate metal frames holding the statue and the ripples in her gown.

Climbing to the crown is difficult, and no elevator is accessible. However, there are designated rest areas along the way in case you get tired.

It is a gratifying but physically hard experience that allows visitors to have a unique perspective and close-up view of the statue’s interior and surroundings.

Note: It can be difficult to ascend the staircase, so we recommend you wear comfortable shoes and not carry heavy backpacks. 

For more tips, you can read our article on tips to visit the Statue of Liberty.


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