9 Best Ways to See the Statue of Liberty

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For millions of people, the Statue of Liberty has been an enchanting representation of hope and freedom.

Admiring her magnificence is a classic New York experience, so picking the appropriate vantage point is essential.

From the Crown and Liberty Island to state cruises and Ellis Island, numerous viewpoints offer intriguing perspectives on Lady Liberty.

This article will reveal the best places to see the Statue of Liberty, allowing you to fully appreciate the grandeur of this American icon.

1. Climb the Crown

You will climb 377 stairs on a narrow staircase to reach Liberty’s crown.

The Crown is the ultimate viewpoint to appreciate New York Harbor and Lady Liberty.

You can also admire Ellis Island, Governor’s Island, and the ever-evolving New York City skyline.

However, the space is cramped, and you are only allowed to stay there for 10 minutes.

Tickets also sell out months in advance, and the experience is not suitable for claustrophobic individuals.

2. Explore Liberty Island

Skyline Views
Photo by David Jones on Unsplash

You can enjoy spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty from numerous viewpoints on Liberty Island.

You can stand at the statue’s foot to understand its size and other details.

While you are not climbing the statue itself, the island offers excellent photographic opportunities with Lady Liberty as the backdrop.

You can reach Liberty Island by ferry from Battery Park and Liberty State Park.

3. Take State Cruises

As the official ferry service provider to Liberty Island, state cruises are phenomenal viewpoints to appreciate Lady Liberty from a different perspective.

These ferry rides will let you explore the statue’s exteriors from up close.

You can take fantastic photos while admiring Lady Liberty’s grandeur and its setting in New York Harbor.

The audio tour and onboard guide will also inform you about the monument’s significance and history.

4. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Only a few places can compare to the Brooklyn Bridge for admiring Lady Liberty with New York Harbor in the background.

You can capture the statue’s majesty while peacefully strolling across the bridge.

Ellis Island and New York Harbor will also be visible from this viewpoint.

Brooklyn Bridge is a scenic viewpoint from which to appreciate Lady Liberty’s views from a comfortable distance.

5. Visit Ellis Island

View from Ellis Island

If you want to experience a unique historical connection between American immigrants and Lady Liberty, consider visiting Ellis Island.

You can picture countless immigrants looking at the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of hope for a new life in America.

Although you can’t see the minute details of the statue, an observation from Ellis Island amounts to a different kind of appreciation.

With the harbor as the background, Lady Liberty will also create many photographic opportunities.

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6. Museum of Jewish Heritage

The museum, located in southern Manhattan, offers oblique aerial views of the Statue of Liberty.

This viewpoint transcends visual encounters by providing a deep and enriching experience.

The museum’s mission of resilience and hope fosters a deeper understanding of Lady Liberty’s hidden symbolism.

However, you won’t be able to notice the finer details of the Statue of Liberty due to the distance.

7. Tour Governor’s Island

This island, which was once a military base, offers spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty.

The island is easily accessible by a short ferry ride from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn.

You can admire Lady Liberty in the context of New York Harbor’s history while enjoying a relaxed and laid-back environment.

However, the governor island gets very crowded during peak times, impacting the overall experience.

8. One World Observatory

On top of the One World Trade Center, the observatory offers a unique perspective on Lady Liberty.

When you arrive via the dedicated elevators, you will be greeted with panoramic views of the city skyline, New York Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty.

The observatory’s height, almost 1770 feet above ground, provides an elevated, unobstructed perspective of Lady Liberty.

You can access the observatory on the 102nd level by purchasing a ticket online or from the on-site office at One World Trade Center.

9. Relax at Battery Park

Through the waterfront promenade of Battery Park, you can take in charming views of Lady Liberty. 

There are several locations in the park where you can enjoy views of Lady Liberty along the waterfront.

Due to the park’s central location, all modes of transportation, including buses, ferries, and subways, can easily reach it.

Furthermore, the park’s attractions, such as the East Coast Memorial and Castle Clinton National Monument, provide historical context for admiring Lady Liberty.


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